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Updated 5/2018

“Only in New York” gateway to the Northern Waterways


The Liberty Flotilla Sea Scouts BSA supports the Tri-State Area ships from across New Jersey, New York and Southern Connecticut.  We are a unique location, sporting the Jersey shore, Hudson River, Raritan Canal, Long Island Sound, and Historic Lighthouses including the Statue of Liberty, Skyscrapers in Manhattan, farmlands, forests and sand dunes, super highways, rustic roads and bike paths, enjoying neighborhoods in Urban, Suburban and Rural Counties.   

Boating traffic on our waterways include row boats, fishing trawlers, luxury powerboats, sailboats, ferries, pontoon boats, tugboats, barges, cargo ships, cruise liners and kayaks!  

We boast a strong nautical heritage including several maritime colleges and water-based engineering schools.  We are also an ethnically diverse community and the make-up of our Sea Scouts demonstrates the camaraderie that comes from a shared mission.  

The Liberty Flotilla is also challenged to share our youth based program among so many options and distractions. The offer of hands-on experience with leadership, partnership and seamanship, while becoming a more confident and skilled person, is quite enticing to the young men and women in the Liberty Flotilla

Liberty Flotilla Commodore

Deidre E Buchner

Liberty CPR Class Fort Schuyler Training Day