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Updated 5/2018

The Gateway to Sea Scouting in Western Pennsylvania.


The Keystone Flotilla is composed of Sea Scout Ships that can use the waters of Lake Erie and the rivers of western Pennsylvania. We are the newest of the Northeast Region’s six flotillas, and we are looking to help establish new ships in the area as well as support existing units. Sea Scouting is a fun and extremely worthwhile activity for coed youth 14-21 years of age who enjoy adventure and all things connected with being out on or in the water: Motor boating, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, diving, snorkeling, swimming, and any other way you can think of. The Flotilla leadership is ready and eager to assist interested youth, adults, and organizations establish and enjoy the many benefits of being in a Sea Scout Ship and participating in the Sea Scout program.

We can also connect you with exciting Sea Scout activities throughout the entire Northeast Region. All of the Region’s flotillas have a wide variety of fun activities in which you can participate: regattas, Sea Scout balls and bridges of honor, snug harbor weekends, safety-at-sea weekends, weekend and summer long cruises, training weekends, and the like. The National Sea Scout Fleet conducts bi-annual international sailing championships called the Koch Cup and Kiwi Cup. It also sponsors annual hi-intensity youth leadership training through the SEAL (Sea Scout Sea Experience Advanced Leadership Training) program.

Don’t sit on the dock and watch the world go by – launch yourself today into a world of fun and adventure on the water.

Keystone Flotilla Commodore

George Hay Kain III