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Updated 5/2018

Look into the past

In our Centennial Year, we reported on several commemorative events such as the Regional Bridge of Honor and Sea Scout Ball (presided over by National Commodore Wurster, National Director Keith Christopher and Regional Commodore Noel Guzman),  Delaware Valley Flotilla’s President’s Day Training, Chesapeake Flotilla’s Catoctin Weekend Training, the New England Flotilla Rendezvous at Fort Trumbull, the Chesapeake Flotilla Baltimore Harbor Centennial Event, Liberty Flotilla’s Amochol  Sea Scout Camp Celebration, Ship 584 CT’s Camp Nautical, and New England Flotilla’s Sea Scout Remembrance Day Arthur Astor Carey.  We also followed the five Northeast Region sailing teams attending the prestigious 2012 Koch Cup international regatta (Vol 16 No 3).  Feedback from the Centennial Seabadge Conference (SB-13-PA-2012) in Philadelphia was shared.  

All articles are in PDF form just click on them to view.


Volume 16, No. 1 Winter 2012

Volume 16, No. 2 Spring 2012

Volume 16, No. 3 Summer 2012 (Koch Cup)

Volume 16, No. 4 Fall 2012

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